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Mark 1 Mortgage Ontario, CA.

Since August 1994 Fernando Castellanos is the managing partner of Mark 1 Mortgage Ontario, that was formally located in Rancho Cucamonga.

Fernando Castellanos is a hard-working Real Estate Lending professional, who is dedicated to making sure all his client’s needs are met. Fernando began his career in real estate lending over thirty-six years ago, when he began originating loans in 1984, and since 1989 he has been one of the companies top ten loan producers every year. Throughout his career, Fernando has constantly strived to expand his knowledge, so he can provide sound expertise to all his clients and staff. During his career Fernando has been a Corporate Mortgage Trainer (1992), a licensed Real Estate Broker (1998), and an NMLS trainer (2012), where he teaches the government mandated 8 hr. CE class & the twenty-hour pre-licensing class. Fernando is a hard-working, problem solver, who is passionate about helping everyone around him reach their personal and professional goals & is always seeking individuals who want to start or expand their mortgage banking career.

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